Thursday, July 14, 2016

Self Transcendence 26/52

It is the half way point of my self transcendence retreat. This retreat inspired by the 3,100 mile self transcendence race, which has a 52 day time limit. Here

I realize that for my entire life I have wanted "more." Not of material things but of consciousness. I got some idea of enlightenment, but it was others descriptions. I tried their techniques and didn't get it.

Sometimes I think of those pictures which used to be popular: If you looked at the picture, all you saw was a muddy mess of color, but if you somehow glanced sideways, you saw a picture. I was never able to resolve one of these pictures. That is sort of how I feel about enlightenment.

Over the years I've studied many books and realized that some of what they said was the same thing. But the past 2 days, reading one of Paul Brunton's books, I finally seem to get how I am projecting my world. How it was my ideas and consciousness which came first.

The universe breathes with me. That is what I thought today.

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