Monday, July 4, 2016

Self Transcendence 16/52

Well! What a miracle!

If self transcendence is going beyond yourself, then that happened today. Even though I walked for 90 seconds/ ran for 3.5 minutes, I finished a marathon just under 5 hours clock time (4:55 garmin time which doesn't include the 3 pit stops). Not just "a" marathon, but my 3rd marathon in 3 days.

Incredible. I was nearly sprinting for the 3.5 minutes of run.

I am in a place which has beautiful mountains all around. The views are described as stunning. However, today was cloudy, cool, breezy. No great vistas but great running weather. No vistas in this world, but vistas of my heart and soul.

This was a big race. Usually in a big race, many people are doing 5 hour marathons. That is less than 12 minute miles. But in this race, I was very lonely for most of it. So it wasn't the excitement of other runners that pushed me. It was purely an inner decision.

At first I thought, "isn't it stupid to be running like this when this is day 3 of a triple?" I mean, what if I have an injury? I decided to just see how things went. It turns out that they kept speeding up. And after 20 miles when I should have started slacking, I just kept on with the sprinting.

I thought about the self transcendence race and how they said that they were in so much pain they had to focus on the spiritual. Mine was the opposite. I felt so much energy that I couldn't focus on the physical. I read in A Course in Miracles this morning, "give up all self deceptions." My self deceptions are thinking I can't cut loose with running; or allowing negative thinking to interfere with energy flow.

To know that this can happen every time I allow it makes the airfare and 5 nights in a hotel worth it. To have this view of my soul is worth the money.

I'll probably have more to say after a nap.

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