Monday, June 27, 2016

Self Transcendence 9/52

Check page 1/52 to learn what I am doing for 52 days.

While you are there, note my mention of Germans coming to town and 4 presentations. Well, on that day, in my journal, I wrote about how I wanted to be recognized for what I do in the world. I wanted the recognition to be that I got invited to the meetings in Germany.

Today I learned: my presence in Germany has been demanded.

I am grateful to The Universe, or Universal Guru, or whatever you call it. Or just that I knew what my Higher Consciousness wanted and I went along with it. Now, I have to let go of one other thing. Maybe the conference in Germany is during the time that I have already scheduled a vacation. I'll need to let Universal Consciousness handle that problem.

Today is day 9/52. I exercised this morning with the idea that all is love; and I don't have to be afraid to release my love. My love is caged due to an unfortunate childhood. But now that I am conscious, I can let it go. Fear is the self that needs to be transcended. Don't accept it at all. Be yourself fully.

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