Sunday, June 26, 2016

Self Transcendence 8/52

I have thought about self transcendence alot today, but there weren't any massive revelations.

It is Houston summer; the temp where I live never goes below 80F and it is very humid. I try to stay near trees; but even so, the heat index goes above 100F and I can only walk. Today was such a day. I got started at 6:35am in a small park doing 0.37 mile laps. I seemed to be very slow and by about 9, I had to walk only. I stuck it out for 4 hours, when my water ran out.

During the afternoon, I managed to work on a paper I need to write. I am scheduled to give a talk in October, but I need to write the paper to go with the talk. I had to first remember it at all, then force myself to re-direct my thinking and try to do even the smallest little work on it. I wonder if I pretended I was giving a TED Talk if I'd feel more energy. I'll try that.

Then this evening, even though I was tired from the morning heat, I did 45 minutes of cross training machines and 21 minutes of free weights. I was listening to Freak-onomics radio. The phrase "life organizing principle" came up. That caused me to stop and think. First, I keep wanting some spiritual breakthru which affirms consciousness of my higher self. Second, I've been a life long athlete and plan to continue. Third, I work for financial security.

It is turning out that my 52 day Self Transcendence retreat is different from the rest of the year in its focus on transcendence; as in what am I transcending?

I had vegetables for dinner.

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