Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Smallness

I was pondering this morning on the potential life change which may or may not be coming. I realized that my career is where most of my ego trauma comes from. And ego trauma is a good thing in the spiritual scheme of things. To survive the severe or painful ego deflation, however, I turn to whatever higher self there is. See, I'm not in control of my life in the sense that I can stop the movie. Perhaps I can watch a better movie. But best is to realize it is a movie and not identify with it. I relinquish control to whatever higher self there is. I turn to that higher self and ask for guidance. I ask myself, "What would a higher self be thinking which I am not thinking right now." And out pops a new reality. Even if I am wrong about the existence of my higher self, this exercise of wondering about it's thoughts delivers my consciousness to a higher one. Spiritual progress is gloaming on to this higher way of thinking early in the morning and continuing to look for it all day.

I got in a good 19 mile run today.

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