Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sea-brook Morning

I got out of bed with the alarm at 7. 7 is not early, but at times I still roll over. Today, I've already looked at my new insurance quote, drank 2 small in-room coffees, and plotted a run. A run along a busy street and then into my future neighborhood. (72 min of being lost on nice residential streets).

My spiritual study is from Brunton notebook V. "We are word drugged." ... "The word 'soul' is so vague a word that the Oxford English Dictionary offers no less than twenty-five meanings for it."

For what ever reason, as I typed that "soul" quote, I was triggered to think back, to remember: How did I get mixed up in this God thing anyway?

I was 22 years old. Standing near the Jaffa gate, in the old city of Jerusalem, able to see fur hat wearing Orthodox Jews disappear down the narrow Via Delorosa, and after my tour of the city, I thought, "There might be something to this God thing." Was that a divine call? Thus began an active daily seeking through books and Christianity and the New Age.

More from Brunton: "Few people ever recognize that the language they use, and hence the thoughts they think, are filled with unexamined assumptions, with un-criticized suggestions from outside, with untested inheritances from other people's past."

Wow, that totally explains why I don't watch TV. I want to restrict the input of uncriticized assumptions to my brain. I don't think the purpose of the Brunton books is to tear apart my spirituality, but I am glad it is happening. If there is a higher self or Universal Spirit or God, I'll need to know it in truth, the wordless gut; not a bunch of modern blab words.

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