Friday, October 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Humility

Today at work, an elderly Indian colleague stopped by my office. He explained how he and I were the only vegetarians at the upcoming meeting. He had checked out the lunch buffet and menu and ordered us both spinach salads. He asked if that was ok with me. I was in awe. For once, I was happy to be lumped in with him as different than the crowds. I was planning to eat salad off the buffet, but he told me that would be junky and he knew I wouldn't want it. Wow, someone understands me.

My new boss in Texas e-mailed to find out where I was looking for a home. I answered. She replied that it sounded good and to let her know if I needed anything. Interesting. Me and my move to Texas is on her mind.

As a matter of fact, my company's relocation program has provided an army of people to help me move. It is quite amazing.

This evening, after a little high carb eating, my changing female body has decided to have swollen ankles. I've never had that before. It makes me wonder if I can run a 50 mile endurance run tomorrow night. Oh well, if I decide to turn around at some point, it doesn't matter. In the mean time, I'll drink water and vow to stay on my diet.

When you see others helping you, when you see you are not in control, pause. Seek silence. Say what ever prayer to what ever higher power. Surrender. Lie down in the humility of the moment.

I still stand on the other side of main stream spirituality. I've left the known world. I really don't know. I find comfort in the pause.

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