Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heartland 50 - Prelude

This morning, I read this in book 5 of Brunton: "The words of the book can carry you to a certain point in consciousness. When this is reached you can go farther and higher only by closing the book! It has served you well but you must now turn to a new source. Let thoughts come into quietude; intuition will take their place: a holy presence will be felt: surrender to it."

This is a good jumping off place as I get ready for my Dark Night of the Prairie.

It is 11 am. I got out of bed at 9 am. Those people running 100 miles started their race at 6 am. Some of them will finish their 100 miles not too long after I start my 50 miles. Our quests are of course much different.

I am a 52 yo lady who jog walks her way along for hours, hoping for the mental fortitude to keep going for as long as it takes. It is not a pretty sight but somehow, I keep doing it. As I head off into the night, I'll practice the now. I'll need to let go of how slow I am. I'll need to let go of my move to Texas. I'll need to keep my mind on the Great Silence which will be so apparent if I allow It to have the space in my consciousness.

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