Thursday, August 11, 2011

Running in the Right Brain

I've been reading books about brain function from a biochemistry point of view. And of course, I've been doing my daily morning running. The past 3 days, I've done the exact same run, but with varying times. Today I did it easy so as not to cause any aches or pains. That is, when I run slow, its low impact.

I always say that I don't train. What I mean is that I run each day however I feel like it. I have no preplanned schedule or any intentional speed work, tempo runs, intervals, etc. I just run. When ever I do aim a run at "training for a race" I end up pushing speed. My mind takes off in the direction of calculating how long the race will take and if I can win an age group award.

Training is left brain ego driven running. It leaves me unhappy, stressed and perhaps closer to injury.

Just running however is relaxing. My mind ponders the meaning of life or that inner driving force I call my true self. Maybe I notice a bird, or more likely the mornings first cheep. I come home in love with myself and happy to just be. I think this un-directed running employs my right brain: the less wordy side of my brain.

It is somewhat counter-cultural to "just run" because you enjoy it; that is not for exercise or for training. I let go. I allow myself to be free. I drop performance measurements and just exist in the moment.

Haha, the highlight of today's run: a sidewalk which has been torn up for nearly 2 years is finally back in place.

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