Monday, August 8, 2011


The eighth of August was the date I quit drinking alcohol 26 years ago. I don't drink now because the thought of poisoning my brain is totally repulsive. I do believe that this drug cuts you off from your spiritual connection (if there is one, haha).

The ninth of August was the date I left the monastery 8 years ago. Driving away was the first time I realized my ego had been in total control of my monastic ambition while I was in formation. It was a defensive necessity of formation to use the ego to please 58 other nuns so they'll vote you in; but a travesty of spiritual growth.

These are probably the two biggest events of my life. And that's how I got here: sober, engineer, semi-hermit, athlete, spiritualist without a purpose.

I was hoping to hear today if I am moving, but I found out that no news is good news.

Short and sweet, I went for a 1h44 min run on the hills this morning. Went to work at my job herding cats around a chemical plant (ie - process safety engineering), went to the grocery store, came home and ate. this evening, I'll do my core exercises and a little Nordic track.

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