Friday, May 27, 2011

The Task - un-named

I've been thinking that my spirituality has become quiet. But also moved on. See, I now know that A Course in Miracles is not "the end" or the top of spiritual evolution; even if one has experienced Revelation (a universal experience given graciously). I used to think Roman Catholicism was the top. Those in Vedanta think that is the top.

Now, I have experienced more and climbed further. I am now practicing something that doesn't have a name.

I had an excellent 18.5 mile run/walk today. 28.5 miles for the weekend. 73 miles rolling weekly total. I skipped the afternoon walk, which was intended for Silverton race conditioning. I'm saving my legs for another long run tomorrow. I admit that a long walk this evening will be too much. I'll do core exercises after dinner digests.

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