Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Quest - Space

Last week, I spent tremendous emotional and spiritual resources on my trip to Vancouver and my business activities related to a potential promotion and leadership programs. Yesterday, I got in a 4.5 hour trail run and then I was resting on the bed reading Paul Brunton in the afternoon.

Something Brunton said made me realize that my spiritual bank account was zero. My spiritual basis was nil. My ego had failed in its bid for money and prestige and control of others; but it seemed as if I had spent spiritual resources for these pursuits.

So I asked my soul/Self right then, "What for?"

The immediate answer was, "Space."

And I understood. I had needed to do the pursuits. I had needed to spend spiritual resources to complete the tasks. But what I bought was space. Space for a renewal of that spirituality; sort of like pruning, I have space for new growth. So, I begin again at nothing and keep growing.

Today's run was a pleasant 10 miles. My mind was alternating between a soul/Spirit connection and a problem with hydration pak bladders. It is now summer and my trail marathon next Saturday will require the hydration pak. The brand new Outdoor Products bladder I had tested this morning had failed its leak test. Now, I need a bladder with a good valve. So after the run I went to Dick's and got a Camelbak bladder to put in my Nathan hydropak.

This afternoon, I'm going for a long walk and drink water from my new bladder.

Tomorrow is back to leadership activities at work.

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