Monday, May 30, 2011

The Task - Memorial Day Multi-day Results

Today: 24.20 miles @ 3.9-4.2 mph. Started out faster and then slowed. Did jog/walk on the hills again.
Memorial weekend: 100.98 miles (started Thursday afternoon, 23h16min)
Weekly rolling total: 107.54
In May, I ran 2 marathons. shows 328 miles (527.86 km) for the past month. I worked out 87 hours (includes cross training but not strength). Project 19 core/strength sessions. I'll not enter any road marathons this summer as it would currently take me 5 hours to finish; and that slow a time would piss me off.

When someone attempts their first marathon, their question is, "Can I finish?" After that, their question is, "How fast?" Naivete of the first time is lost. My question in ultra-marathoning, and in most of my life is, "Can I?" Sort of like I need permission even to be alive. As I did my miles this weekend, the envelope of my existence expanded. I think the the time it takes me to complete 100 miles can be reduced.

Today, at 99 miles, I faced the desperation I was looking for. I needed to run one more mile, but one more lap would have been 2.3 miles. So I decided on an out and back, which included a hill. As I did it, I kept looking at my Garmin to make sure I didn't turn around too soon. A subject for contemplation is to ponder how it feels to do the last mile.

We all have to face that question some day.

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