Friday, May 13, 2011

Hawk Marathon - Preparation Fast

I have not done any spiritual fasting for several years, maybe 2008 was the last time.

Usually before a race, anything goes for eating. But yesterday morning, the idea of a Master Cleanser fast entered my mind, and lemons got on the shopping list. In the store after work, I didn't feel like buying any cookies for my pre-race meal. The lemons got bought.

Yesterday, I had a small early supper. Then, I had Smooth Move tea. Then I squeezed some lemon juice. Other healing stuff like milk thistle, spirulina/chorella and turmeric were added to the mix. The fast was started.

This morning, the idea still felt right. I had time for extra spiritual study and silent prayer today. I began to feel like I could enter my race tomorrow purified in body, mind and spirit. My run tomorrow feels like a vision quest. A trail marathon is a meditative type affair for me. I'm alone on a trail with no idea where I am; my sole brain activity is in watching out for rocks. I might not even look at my watch for over an hour.

I learned a couple of things about fasting today. I can’t practice spiritual fasting without some practice of resisting temptation. Resisting temptation is spiritual strength building. So I was forced to practice NOT obeying every little thought that comes through my head. These little thoughts are ego thoughts. At 10 am, I decided to count how many hours since my last meal. That is when I decided 24 hours was my goal. I knew I could hang in there one minute at a time, resisting thoughts (not any actual hunger). No one dies from missing 24 hours of eating. The worsening slide into over eating is checked. I  know I could do this again.

Did I get more spiritual? No, there's no such thing. I strongly felt that I needed a break from input. Food was a symbol of also shutting out society's input. Its perfectly safe to refrain from input.

Tomorrow's ACIM workbook lesson says: My mind is part of God's. I am very holy.

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Have fun on your run!