Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thoughts on Thoughts

Life is thoughts. My life is my thoughts. My body is my thoughts.

I am always thinking.

My entire life (what I do and say and think and react to) is based on rules I learned from others (ie. other's thoughts). I am a product of others, not an individual. I am not a person, but thoughts. None of the thoughts are mine. They are thoughts I've collected from others and made into my life. Eating. Weight loss. Running. Work. Religion. Money. All relationships are collections of thoughts. My decisions are based on thoughts I’ve learned. None of this really matters. None of this is true or real. My life is just thoughts. I am the decision maker regarding the thoughts.

Sometimes I think thoughts which produce conflict for me. Why do I persist in having these thoughts and doing what they say? How do I make decisions? I have not admitted to myself what it is I really want.

I am sometimes sickened by others; either because I don't want their thoughts or because I know I already have their thoughts.

As a solitary and in solitude, I have a chance to filter the incoming thoughts and release un-wanted thoughts. But, I see I continue to hang on to conflicting thoughts. I hope some day I give up lying to myself.

God is a thought. I don't know if it/He is a true thought or not.

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