Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Living Flame of Love

Saint John of the Cross made this phrase famous, famous among Catholic mystics that is. When I think of the phrase, I know That Flame of Love is calling me. I think of it, feel the call and am immediately drawn into contemplation. I shut my eyes and go inside to my secret place where I can sit and watch The Flame. It burns silently and eternally. There is a Presence pervading all of the space, a sense of safety and comfort, joy and peace. I feel as if I could watch the flame forever and perhaps the truth is that I have.

The Flame provokes people to write hymns of praise to the Creator, to feed the hungry, to fall on our knees in awe of the magnificence; which not only created, but lives now within.

The Living Flame of Love inspires me to transcend my ego, my fear of others, my self hate. The Flame gives me a consciousness of love beyond the body, a conscious communication with the indescribably abstract love called Ineffable. All physical and emotional experience pales in the light of the Living Flame. The realization of my littleness (puny ego posturing and griping) brings the realization of my potential magnificent holiness. Before The Flame, I drop everything and accept Its Grace.

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