Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ACIM Practice

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) Text 19.IV (Ci): “It (the body) is nothing. It is the result of a tiny, mad idea of corruption that can be corrected. For God has answered this insane idea with His Own; an Answer Which left Him not, and therefore brings the Creator to the awareness of every mind which heard His Answer and accepted It…The body can but serve your purpose. As you look on it, so will it seem to be. Death, were it true, would be the final and complete disruption of communication, which is the ego’s goal.”

SF’s reflection: My purpose, according to ACIM, is using the Christ vision to see beyond the physical illusion to the Presence of God within (ACIM forgiveness). I am willing to give up seeing conflict all about me and practice using the Christ vision. Life is much happier when I do. This world only “makes sense” if I realize it was made by a selfish insane ego and that it is a dream, an illusion. It takes some mulling over and silent meditation to realize that the concept of “reality is an illusion” could be the truth. Physicists can confirm this. Living as if it is true is another matter. When I change my perception, using Christ vision with the Holy Spirit’s help, the world does seem different. Different as in more peaceful. Different as in my responses are not anger but seeing only God within the people who trouble me. The Christ mindset is difficult to achieve and has taken me more than two years to believe I can do it and actually try frequently during the day. But why not try? Life sucks otherwise. People are nasty and frightening otherwise.

I would rather attempt to find inner peace than continue to judge and complain about the world around me. I must do it here in the middle of a normal life (not in a quiet monastery away from bills and commuting). Giving up the world and the body as real things is not the goal of ACIM; but rather to use them to practice Christ vision and communicate with the Holy Spirit and God. ACIM has worked to bring me peace and Christ vision more than anything I’ve tried.

I had a really nice 45 minute run this morning. Now, I’ll need to rest the next couple of days to be ready for the Kansas City marathon. My weight has fluctuated down to an acceptable level. All systems are go.

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