Saturday, October 3, 2009

One of "Those" Runs

Usually, I do my long runs in a flat park with a 2.7 mile loop, which goes by my car every lap, so I can have Gu and water without carrying it. Today, I did 16.2 miles at right on 10 min/mile.

Usually there are other runners and walkers in this park and at times it is pretty busy.

Today took the cake for busy. The park had sprung up a mountain bike course, or something (since there are no mountains). But, there were two strands of tape and cones marking out a loopy course, complete with obstacles simulating downed tree trunks. And then there were tons of people riding at break-neck speeds around this course. The trouble was, parts of the course crossed or went along the walking path. So many of us park regulars were confused and got yelled at when we were in the way of the bike racers.

I swear, I didn't mean to get in the way, I just couldn't figure out at times whether I was on the course or not, and which way the riders would be coming.

Luckily, this only happens once a year.

Two weeks until the Kansas City Marathon. I am in taper mode. I'll be lifting lots of weights during my taper. My goal for this race is to finish without injury so I can go in the Springfield Bass Pro marathon 2 weeks later. My real goal is to be a "Marathon Maniac."

My running is about as stupid as mountain bikers racing in Parkville, but lets not get into that!

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Meg Runs said...

What a good idea to run by your car!

Hope your tapering goes well, rest up!