Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yes, I went running today. Why not? I'm not in any pain.

I had some minor surgery on Thursday. In the recovery room, I was there with a friend. The nurse asked how my pain was. I looked at my arm, giving it its first consideration since waking up. I realized, "Son of a gun, they didn't put any novocain in that arm." Dang! I reported this to the nurse along with, "Yeah, it hurts." She gave me something in the IV. Awhile later she asked me again. I said that maybe it hurt a little less. She said she could give me some more. I said , "No, it will mess up my head. I'll just wait til I get out of here and take a Lortab." The nurse said, "I can get you one of those. In fact, I'll get you two." I said, "No, I only want one." The nurse went away to get the pill. My friend looked me in the eye and said, "You're not a drug addict, are you." It was a statement. No, I am not. I hate for anything to be messing up my body. The nurse said I must have a high threshold for pain. That may be; but it is related to my body being on a different level than all others. Today, Saturday, I haven't had any Lortabs or NSAIDs since 2 am. I went running (4 miles) and nothing hurt. This is tremendous.

What makes me like I am? Why do I try my best with whatever I have to work with? I have no greater opportunities than the majority of others; but I seem to be trying to accomplish instead of lay fallow and asleep.

I work hard at spirituality too. So many people say you don't have to work at God. Bravo if that is your path. I am not working at God; but working at ego deflation. God is free and abundant and everywhere. It is up to me to quit blocking His light. I work at letting go of my blocks. I want to have world class God consciousness. I am willing to invest all of my self into this project. Nothing compares to the "pearl of great price." Once you get even an idea of its presence in your life, you gladly sell all else for that alone. This is who I am. This is what I am.

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