Sunday, January 20, 2013

The 1,000th Post

How could this blog have been going that long?

It is Sunday. I slept poorly and so slept in. I woke up thinking about alcohol. In particular how I can't believe people drink the poison at all. But they cherish it and never grow out of their immature lust for inebriation. Last Thursday, I watched colleagues think something great had happened that they had the chance to pick a six pack of Heineken off a gift table. Or to pretend how mature they were picking a bottle of wine.

Drinking is stupid.

So is eating meat.

And so is almost everything we do as persons.

I switched to my lesson: "I call upon the name of God which is my own. The name of God is my inheritance."

I wish to touch the divine source now, not as I die.

I went running, its now 16 miles, a shower and a salad later. During my run, I remembered a decisive moment in my life. It was a few days after being kicked out of the monastery and I was staying with a friend until I could get an apartment. Her husband was having a few health issues which would be typical for many 50 somethings in the US.

I remember making a secret vow to myself: I will NOT be like them.

I know that I do not want to be normal society.

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