Sunday, December 19, 2010

Run for the Ranch - Prelude

Today I was reading in the ACIM text in chapter 6.II:
"...God created you as part of Him. That is both where you are and what you are."

That will make a great running mantra for today's half-marathon. I plan to run a great race, to throw my heart over the bar. I'm not shooting for a record but for the dregs of my body, mind and spirit. To give everything I have. Giving is my definition of living.

Once again, here is my litany prayer derived from the Course in Miracles. I made it up myself but it consists of Course ideas.:

Father in Jesus name remind me of,
Your love for me and of my love for you.

If I am afraid I am deceived.
I am spirit. Know this need not be.
Fear is lack of love Atonement heals.
Expanding Love is my reality.

I am not alone, Jesus is here.
Jesus is the undoing of the dream.
The Holy Spirit is my choice for God.
I hear Him speak quietly in my mind.

The innocent are always truly seeing.
Christ Vision is their one and only sight.
God is not symbolic. He is fact.
His peace cannot be shaken. I am free.
Into Your Hands I commend my spirit.
And so my mind awakens to Your peace.

This is my commitment and the truth.
Love is my intention as of now.
Love based thinking is my one desire.
Inner peace is what I really want. (Amen)

The prayer is a magic carpet ride, a conveyance into the bowels of my soul. Here, in my deepest depths, I find the thing which drives me. It is a living pulsating hyper-drive of God, the Christ-Self.

Self indulgence is the anti-Christ, literally. Self-indulgence is an ego tool driving the person away from the spirit and the Voice for God. (Remember the ego is the tiny mad idea which wants to be separate from God in order to be special) Self-indulgence is a way of being special. Self-indulgence is deadening, a disabling poison which erodes the spirit; yet is unbelievably addictive.

Running also takes me to my bowels, my depths. Running long distance disables self-indulgence and leaves me with prayer, and the sound of shoes on a dirt path.

So here is my answer: I am powerless over self-indulgence because I am addicted. I need spiritual help. Prayer brings me to the spiritual help. The hyper-drive of God, the Christ-Self, is my spiritual help.

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