Saturday, December 11, 2010

Healing the Cancer of the Soul

I went running today: 20 miles in 3h11.
The winter wind blew.
I put my head down and kept going.
There is something deeply mysterious blossoming inside.
I can feel the light glowing.
Is this love? Is it a gift to Spirit?
My offering is an 8:30 mile, all I've got.

The wind is my spirit, my "Ruah."
The wind is my winter companion.
The wind burns what little face I show it.
And so the wind is fire.
And also is my prayer a searing flame.
God himself burns in my heart, searing the cncer in my soul.
Ego is the cancer of the soul.

What a strange statement or admisssion: my soul has cancer.
But of course, my ego's visciousness lies hidden in the dark night of the soul.
My ego's visciousness, unchecked for decades, metastacized into tumors which obliterate my access to my spirit.
In silence and contemplation, laying bare my ego's viscious thoughts, exposing them to the lazer light of Christ, I am healed.
Post divine radiation, I connect freely to my spirit, my truth, inner peace.

The light of Christ is the mysterious blossoming I feel inside.
Free of the restricting tumors, my spirit soars in joy.
In health, I run fast.
I am spirit. I am light. I can run.

My healing is our healing.
Christ light of any kind, any where in the Sonship, illuminates all.
This light is the miracle because I can see it in you.

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