Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monument to 2010

This graph shows how many hours I've spent each month during 2010 either running or using my ex-machines (bike, nordic track, treadmill, mini-trampoline or step-up platform). It cannot be said that this was "training" because these hours serve no particular purpose. But I meditate while I work out; so in the realm of the spirit, this is productive time. It is time spent using spiritual synapses and thinking the Holy Spirit's thoughts rather than my own ego thoughts. I also spend about 10 hours a week sitting silently in a chair doing the same thing. This is my real life: sitting before Spirit and listening only to It.

Yesterday, I realized that I've trimmed my ego (the tiny mad idea which decided it is separate from God and so made this dream world). I've trimmed my ego down to one thing: viciousness. Indeed! My ego wants to lash out at every single person. I don't act on my ego's thoughts. In fact, I am a pleasant cooperative person, in the face-to-face world. But, thoughts are real. So if I think it, it is (btw, everyone has this viciousness. They are just not acutely aware of it). I'm not happy with my viciousness. So I bring it to the light of Christ, where it is re-interpreted and undone. This is A Course in Miracles in a nut shell.

I am a miracle, an expression of love from God. Love, happiness and warmth is what I am. I got this thought after I asked the Holy Spirit for it this morning. Then, I thought only this while I was working out. I am not my ego, the tiny mad idea. I am spirit (love, happiness and warmth).

The weather for this coming Sunday looks fabulous. I should be able to drive to Springfield MO and run a half marathon. This will finish off my racing season for 2010 (3 ultra-marathons, 3 marathons, 2 half-marathons, 1 x 25k, 1 x 5k, one volunteer).

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