Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Marathoner's Sacred Journey...

...is to a place beyond the ordinary world, to an alternate reality without limitation. The marathon validates and vets the heart of the athlete. 26.2 miles in this world is a quantum leap in the mental world and a matter/anti-matter shift in the spiritual makeup of the mind. To get to the finish line is to solve the impossible equation with imaginary and irrational numbers; to enter a Fourier transform which resolves the noise into harmony.

Everyone wondered why all these workouts, miles, and low-fat meals mattered. But the person returned from the marathon changed. They paid the athlete's price and returned with the athlete's perception. Nothing was ever the same again.

Can a marathon heal the psyche? Can a marathon enlarge spiritual consciousness? All things are possible....

As you might guess, I am going in a marathon on Saturday: Fallasburg Park, Lowell, MI, 26.2 miles. It is not my first marathon. In fact it is my third this year. Yet every marathon shifts my consciousness and I return different.

I am tapering. I am letting go of the workouts a little, sleeping some more, laying in the glycogen. I'm setting my intentions. I'm freaking glad to go to Michigan and escape this nasty heat wave that Kansas City is having.

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