Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lenten Desert - 3rd Thursday

Personal Statistics: Day 23 of raw vegan commitment. Day 2 of intuitive spirituality experiment. I ran this morning under a beautiful moon. Sit-ups on an exercise ball are much harder than sit-ups on the floor; maybe because your shoulders come up from below the level of your hips.

Desert Thoughts:

My God is thoughts: the gentle rustle of a leaf, a trickle of spring water, a slight breeze, a mist, a hint of dawn, a star, a breath, a heartbeat. Going deeper, my God is this thought: a tiny thought, not necessarily of something, but bringing a feeling of stately life. This magnificently graceful stately life is the thing I am a part of in truth.

In solitude, silent, blind and deaf, I prostrate, wait and listen. I am not depressed, merely ready, attentive; and then it comes: a sit-up in total awareness of each sinew, cell and molecule of oxygen. Each one is the opening of the inner door.

We think it arrogant to ask God for knowledge. I am comfortable as nothing. I am safe without expectations, rights or position. I want to be simple; a glass of pure water.

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