Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lent - Visions

3rd Sunday - Everyone still off chocolate?

Today is day 26 of my 30 day raw food committment. I almost ate a bagel or something today. I went to the city, ran 10 miles and then sat in a 12 step meeting for an hour. I was famished. But I got in the car, drank water and high tailed it home. After I got here, I ate some honeyed almonds left over from making milk. And I quickly made flax crackers, and ate some of the batter.

I ran 58 miles this week. Now, I need to start to ease up in preparation for my marathon in 2 weeks. I did a chore today that involved a saw. Very unusual, but, no fingers lost.

Vision A-
How do I turn my thoughts to God right now? Just do it. I spend time with my mind looking at the light. Nothing apparently seems to happen. There is no proof of God or any benevolent Love streaming to embrace me. It is silent. But it is a place for me to go and it is a place of safety.

Vision B-
I ran in the city park this morning, before the fellowship meeting. For the first time, I SAW the telephone poles lining the path on a straight stretch. Seeing the poles like this reminded me of eternity. I could see for eons, the eons of the past and those to come. The poles were races, or events in my life, or perhaps events in many of my lives. But, I spend most of my time in between events: running! That is what running is: the time in between. In between is where I am mostly. Unless you look from the spiritual world, then my human lives seem like blips and my life in God is where I am mostly.

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