Monday, January 12, 2015

The Mystical Theology

by Pseudo-Dionysius, Chapter 1

Lead us up beyond unknowing and light,
     up to the farthest, highest peak
          of mystic scripture,
     where the mysteries of God's Word
           lie simple, absolute and unchangeable
           in the brilliant darkness of a hidden silence.
     Amid the deepest shadow
          they pour overwhelming light
          on what is most manifest.
     Amid the wholly unsensed and unseen
          they completely fill our sightless minds
          with treasures beyond all beauty.

For this I advice to you to leave behind you everything perceived and understood, everything perceptible and understandable, all that is not and all that is, and, with you understanding laid aside, to strive upward as much as you can toward divine union with him who is beyond all being and knowledge. By an undivided and absolute abandonment of yourself and everything, shedding all and freed from all, you will be uplifted to the ray of the divine shadow which is above everything that is.

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