Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Can Hardly Wait.....

.... to do it again.

Whats that?

Another marathon!

Yup, as hard as last Sunday's race was, part of my brain yearns to do it again. Lucky for me, I am at least going to do another marathon this week.

This week, it will be flat. But wind and rain look to be in the picture.

Why do people become addicted to marathons?

I am currently signed up for 4, and own airplane tickets to get to a 5th. In my mind, I hope to complete a quad in July.

When I think of last Sunday's marathon and the hills, that is what I lust for. Not the swag or the bling. The experience: what it felt like to climb steep hills and limp down steep hills in the last few miles of a 26 mile race.

Well, heres to more marathon experiences. I can be as slow as I am and still get the experience.

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