Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thank You Sargent Miller

Yesterday was an exciting day. I got my picture taken with this police officer:

Thank you Sargent Miller. Because of this, I got $20 off my entry fee for the Baytown Jail Break half marathon. It was fun to hunt down a cop and get a picture. Further, Sargent Miller was helping some other people when I drove up to the police station and he showed lots of kindness.

I am in a happy place with my running. I am not signed up for any ultras, or injured from my 45 mile race last week; hence my speeds are creeping up. I feel good.

Today's Course in Miracles lesson: "Eternal Holiness abides in me." To which I add: Stately Silent Love has set me free.This morning I was once again reading Emmett Fox. His recommendation was that everyone needs to do their own spiritual work; but practice of the presence of God is best. In His presence, I remember service. I am much happier under this attitude and outlook on life.

I thought of the Benedictine "school of the Lord's service" as I punched in the key code for the community gate this morning, going out for my run. I thought, "How can anyone not realize that all of life is a school for the Lord's service. Maybe being in a convent is actually a hindrance." As I ran I thought about a meeting I have today with a long time friend, maybe the last time I see him. He is Catholic. thinking of him lead me to thinking about The Church and how I can't ethically support the hierarchy. Mixed in is musing about how most Catholics think that all is good based on the public image of Pope Francis. not.

But then again, I don't think most Christians follow Jesus. Since leaving the convent, I've had access to much scriptural research of all varieties. So I can't possibly support any denominational church or religion.

All of these heady thoughts during a pre-dawn run on El Lago.

Practice the presence is the best I can do.

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