Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Urban Hermitage

I ran 22 miles yesterday and 5.4 miles today. I am entered in the Kansas City marathon on 10/17. I feel very good about my legs and conditioning. I am looking forward to the race.
On Friday, I met with the trainer at work. She gave me a proper weight workout, including how to use the weights effectively. She found some incredible weaknesses in my legs and core which are easily fixed. I was lifting weights, but not in a very effective way, because I didn't have the training. Now I do, and I quiver over weights less than 10 pounds.
The trainer thinks I will get faster if I do the weights as things will balance out and weakness be addressed. Gulp! She also thinks I am fast: 9 minute miles are fast. Gulp Gulp!
I am hoping to do another marathon 2 weeks after Kansas City; so I can qualify to be a "Marathon Maniac." LOL!
So, I moved a few weeks ago. I have a one bedroom apartment in the city. I had to laugh at myself for how the space is used.
First, I sit at a table for spiritual study, which is usually an hour first thing in the morning:

Second, I sit at a built in desk to play with the computer and pay bills:

Third, I have a place for the work lap top, which is starting to trail me everywhere:


I have been keeping up with my daily silent meditation. Sometimes I do it in the church. Frequently I do it in a part of my home. I believe this to be direct communion/communication; albet not in words or language. Communion is valuable to me.

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rob horton said...

excited to hear about your "marathon maniacs" pursuit :)