Saturday, September 19, 2009

View from the Bed

I want to go deeper. I want to enter my depths. I want to get beyond the superficial level of reality. This seems to be an extraordinarily difficult task. The attempt means that all my thoughts need to be redefined: running is not about running. Mass is not about what the Church says it is. Money is not about making sure I have enough and hang on to what I have. Hassles are not about fixing things so they are my way or easier for me. Work is not about achievement. What I think of as life needs to be redefined if I expect to get beyond the material world. I have to be teachable by some level beyond where I am at. I need to be listening to the intuition.

I have always used silence. Now, I find I will need to weave more than one idea into the idea of getting beyond.

I took the picture with my Blackberry! On the wall is an icon of Abraham’s Three Guests and a crucifix. I ponder the man on the cross. I ponder the presence of God in the three guests.

I ran 10.8 miles this morning in the city park. It was a foggy morning since the air was about 50degF and vapor was rising off the Missouri River. Near sunrise, I saw five deer swim across the river. It was quite a site as I didn’t know deer could swim. They did great.

On my last lap, after 90 minutes of running, I had one of those precious instants: the solitary runner powering along the path, the sound of foot falls on dirt, quiet bliss.

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