Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zons, Germany

I spent the week in the little town pictured above, Zons. That view is that I saw on my runs along the Rhine river. Yes, a whirlwind trip to Germany. 5 nights, all expenses paid by work. Well, one of the nights was spent on an airplane and another in the Frankfurt airport Sheraton.  So only 3 nights in this quaint town. Meetings all of the days and dinners at night. That Frankfurt airport is huge when you count the train station and all the shops.

Lufthansa business class is better than United. I got to think of my parents who flew Lufthansa to European ski trips 50 years ago. They used to steal the glasses. I listened to talks by German colleagues. I came away realizing the politics of our company are complicated and affect how I do my job. I have to keep to my simple outlook: I don't understand the politics so just produce work product. 

Metaphysically speaking, I can't figure out why I was there. I can't even say it was a big success for work. This afternoon, when I was meditating, I said to the Holy Spirit, "ok, I did what you assigned me to do. What do I get?" I was hoping for an inspirational moment during the trip. 

Speaking of inspiration, I seem to be in a dry period. It was a relief to get back to Paul Brunton this morning. His writing does lift me up; but I didn't lug any of his books on the trip. 

I left Houston in the remnants of Patricia; pouring rain and flooding. Now, on my return, we still have pouring rain and flooding. I did do a fast 76 min run outside today. It may have been raining but it was also 78F, so who cares if I was wet. I did my afternoon workout on the machines inside. I hope the rain is not too bad tomorrow. I'd like to go over to the park.

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