Monday, October 12, 2015


I slept amazingly well last night. I woke up feeling healed.

This morning, Brunton gave me this related to his definition of philosophy: It is nameless. But because there is only one way to deal with it honestly-- the way of utter silence, speechless when in contact with other humans, perfectly still when in the secrecy of a closed room...

And then I closed my eyes for a practice of no-thought. I felt my ego begin to offer, one after another, things I should be upset about. And I thought that my emotions were a seething volcano or huge cauldron getting ready to blow up. And suddenly I received the ability to step back from the emotions and see them as a pot on the stove. I could watch them but not be them. I could add cold water to calm them or turn down the gas fire under them. And I was that Self with is not the self.

How long does this last? Have I taken a step further into inner peace?

Well I can only surrender and accept the higher purpose, my role assigned by that Self.

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