Sunday, April 12, 2015

Of Bunny Rabbits and Fiddler Crabs

All is well with the wild life in Seabrook.

Yesterday, I did a 16,5 mile jog walk around all the trails in Seabrook. I noticed many bunny rabbits. I hadn't seen them in previous weeks, so maybe they wait until after Easter to come out.

Yesterday it was supposed to rain. It did not. It was warm and cloudy and about 70F with a breeze. I had enough drink to do 4 hours or more, so I did it. I love the new trails with their trees. I liked saying hi to the regular runners. All the dogs owners were mindful to keep their dogs to themselves. I really enjoyed that run. It hardly feels like I ran the Irving marathon a week ago.

Today it was raining, but hey, this is Texas so it was warm. I got wet but not terribly so. I stayed in Meador park where there were puddles on the trails but it wasn't muddy. I saw more bunny rabbits but also the snails in the bayou have been replaced with millions of fiddler crabs. I once again had to watch my step to keep from crushing one or two. And the ducks and other sea birds.

The rain and clouds kept the temps down for about 8 miles. Then the sun started to peek out. Temps soared and I was in a sauna for about an hour. My first sweat fest of the year. Bring it on!

In two weeks I'm doing a double marathon in San Antonio. That is, two marathons in two days. It has been more than 2 years since I did such a thing. That is why I have been doing high mileage both days of the weekend.

These races in San Antonio are very small, maybe 20 people, but they qualify for Marathon Maniacs, they do provide aid and timing. It is very relaxing to me. I crave the idea of just doing miles and then retreating to a hotel room until the next day.

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