Saturday, July 14, 2012

A 6 Mile Run

This is my new fashion statement. No, not the Vibram. The energy band worn on the ankle. Not cuz I believe in the energy theory, but how cool it looks.

Today I went running: 6 miles at decent speeds in Meador Park. Part of the run was spent in a warm Gulf rain. I got thoroughly soaked in the short down pour. But it was part of my immersion into a new theory of life.

Running 6 miles does not produce any pain. Right at the moment, giving up the pain of running is what I am doing. I'm done running 40 or 50 miles every weekend. It always did hurt, but I was not conscious of the pain. Now I am and have decided to give it up. If I am only planning to run 10 miles on any weekend day, I can still sleep in and run before it is too hot. And the cross training is a bigger calorie burn than slowly jog walking for 5 hours.

I have a new adventure planned. I am already entered in a race in Utah on 9/8. I just learned that there is a half marathon in Denver on 9/9. Well, since I'd have to fly thru Denver to get home to Houston, why not stop over and do another race: 2 pieces of swag for the price of one trip.

I ran with one thought: Only loving thoughts are my reality.

It is derived from A Course in Miracles 11.VII: "The ego may see some good, but never only good. That is why its perceptions are so variable. It does not reject goodness entirely, for that you could not accept. But it always adds something that is not real to the real, thus confusing illusion and reality. For perceptions cannot be partly true. If you believe in truth and illusion, you cannot tell which is true. To establish your personal autonomy you tried to create unlike your Father, believing that what you made is capable of being unlike Him. Yet everything true is like Him. Perceiving only the real world will lead you to the real Heaven, because it will make you capable of understanding it."

I am tired of my ego "adding" crap to my loving successes thus ruining them as hate slowly seeps into everything I experience. My running today was a practice of watching where my thoughts went and redirecting them over and over away from negativity. Otherwise, my happiness in Texas and with my new job will be ruined and I'll have to go start over again someplace else.

I can only afford an investment in the spiritual reality of love. A Reality of love is what the Course in Miracles says is real. The negative fearful and angry reality most of us live in, is an ego delusion. (ps, the Course in Miracles ego is not Freud's ego, but I don't explain that today).

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