Saturday, November 20, 2010

Declaration of Independence...

....from the ego's thought system, to return to the Holy Spirit's thought system, to accept Atonement for myself, to allow Jesus to work miracles thru me.

I am off work for next week. I am on retreat from the world. "Retreat" means pulling back from the ego's illusion and giving more space to God. I am spending as much time as possible for the next nine days, holding my ego suspended and listening to God. I am guarding my thoughts and answering all of the ego's thoughts with one of these:

If I am afraid, I am deceived.
Hate does not exist. The ego lies.
Fear is lack of love. Atonement heals.
Love alone is my reality.
In the holy instant I forgive.
And miracles come forth as love expressed.

I am not alone. Jesus is here.
Jesus is the undoing of the dream.
God is not symbolic. He is fact.
His peace cannot be shaken. I am free.
This is my commitment and the Truth.
Love is my intention as of now.

If any of these thoughts touch you, please take it and use it. These thoughts are a helpful response to any frustration, pain or confusion.

So as I worked out and ran for 3 hours this morning, I keep only these thoughts plus any enlightenments which come from Jesus. These thoughts here are based on A Course in Miracles teachings and they have meanings beyond the definitions known to society.

I am going in a half marathon tomorrow. I must because it is part of a larger plan. But because I want to run again on Monday, I won't be trashing my body for a personal best.

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