Friday, November 5, 2010

A Course in Miracles - Again


These are the dates on which I have begun reading the 669 page text for A Course in Miracles. Notice that the first time, I devoured the text in less than 2 months. The past 2 times, it has taken me about 10 months. I want to go slower.

I want to know Jesus more. Sitting here, I know I love Jesus. I know it in every photon of my being and I can feel the love in the depth of my soul. It is this love, which really is love from the Source of Love, that is what will make it possible for me to go to work today and love others. It is important to me to walk around each day with this love in my conscious awareness, where it will be projected. The consciousness of love is a gift, but it does take some effort to gain because it is not from the world of busy-ness. It is spiritual and is gained through prayer and surrender of the mind to the Holy Spirit. This consciousness of love is a miracle.

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