Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morning Meditation

I woke up tired and thought: a spirit shouldn't have to study spirituality; or live like this.

I sat quietly and thought: The certain outcome of solitude is peace; but you must first go through ego turmoil. The intermediate stage of turmoil, a mental stress, is seen as a psychological disorder and recommended against. Indeed the ego turmoil frightens others and causes them to council the solitary to rejoin the mainstream; because they secretly don't want anyone to find freedom. Freedom is a witness to the devestation of society.

On the other side, for those who endure the ego turmoil, is peace; the state we've all been seeking.

God Himself is nothing more than utter peace. His Presence is freely and quietly entered as soon as the ego is renounced.

And then I went running.65 minutes on hills, pretty warm, little bits of snow whapping me in the face. I love running on hills. They are my life's blood. I can't imagine why some runners hate hills!

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