Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jesus Forgave

Remember how Jesus walked around Galilee encountering sick and crippled people? He would say I forgive you, be healed, go in peace.

The practice of forgiveness is completely consistence with Jesus in A Course in Miracles. What Jesus was actually doing when he looked at someone and forgave them is a bit more detailed and metaphysical in ACIM. Forgiveness means Jesus saw the truth of that person (the presence of God within), seeing their truth, they received it themselves and went away healed; because the truth is never sick or in pain. The truth is inner radiance, Great Rays created perfect by God Himself. Would God make something imperfect and miserable? Not a God who is only love.

In ACIM, we learn to forgive by using Christ vision to see the inner radiance in others, hence receiving it also. The miracle is the perception shift from seeing misery to seeing wholeness.

We are able to choose how we want to see things. We will see what we want to see, because we project it. I had to ponder the choice for awhile. I had to really hear the nasty ego thoughts in my head and be willing to give these to Jesus. Through this practice, I understood more and more how much I want to see inner radiance rather than misery and pain. So I choose to stop projecting the misery and pain (yes, what I perceive comes from my projection); and instead I accept Christ vision in order to see only love, inner radiance. And, thoughts can be changed after you think them. So if I notice my ego is stabbing someone in the back, which it does quite frequently, I stop it and re-make the choice to forgive.

I really want inner peace. I cannot have it if I allow the thoughts of back stabbing to go on unchecked.

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