Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LSD Paradigm

I live my life off the map, out of the box; in a new paradigm.

I think a 20+ mile run every weekend is normal. I've been doing it for months if not years. I think running 50+ miles a week is normal. I've signed up for a 24 hour race. This idea is within my paradigm; but so outside most other people's conceptions.

I am what is called a vegan; but I what I will actually put in my mouth is not what other people will put in their mouths. What I think is food and what others think is food are 2 different things.

I work as a process safety engineer at a plant where we will actually die if that stuff gets out or that other stuff explodes.

I'm single for life. No relationships and one real friend. I have no plans to work on relationships. I'm also not a property owner; but I do own a hybrid vehicle.

I am a student of A Course in Miracles. Most people won't read 669 pages of fine print let alone do the work to study and digest the material over a period of years.

I gave up peanut butter on January 1st and still haven't had any (but that might change). On January 22, the trainer at work gave me some suggestions about calorie counting and simple versus complex carbohydrates. I have a detailed spreadsheet for daily tracking. The weight has flown off and I am ready for more running.

Check out the weight chart:

To truly lighten and allow love to shine through the running; running cannot be an attempt to achieve anything other than truth, that inner constancy of spirit.

That said, the silly 24 hour race on a 1 mile bike path I signed up for in March is an attempt to just be at the most elemental level possible for me. Self transcendence is what I call this and self transcendence is what I hope to achieve in everything.

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