Friday, January 22, 2010

Quiet Friday

I got up with the alarm at 3:35. On Fridays, I often set the alarm a little early to have more time for spiritual reflection.

Today, I felt the need to extend the contemplation so I didn't go running. I did my free weight/core workout in the living room. This work out can be very Zen, very Chi, if I do it slowly, and mindfully. The core exercises I do are subtle; but over the past 4 months, they have produced visible changes to my abdomen.

Dropping the rocks is what today is about. Letting go and letting God. Not being in control and not judging what He wants for me. I whup myself unmercifully with my thoughts. Today, I cannot. I must rest. In the quiet, I find strength. I find the Voice of Love. I allow the embrace of Love.

It is peace which sustains me. Nothing found outside of it works. I return and return and return. IT, the peace and the silence and the love, is my life, my hope, my joy.

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