Saturday, January 23, 2010


Another Saturday; another long run. The short story: 3:47, about 20 miles.

I started out about 8:20. Rain was on the radar but I thought I might be able to run about an hour before it rained and then endure the rain for awhile. I want my mind to stop balking at little issues like rain. Turns out it was rainy and extremely windy the first lap of 1:20. Then it quit raining. I got warm and dried out. How on earth did that front pass over me without me drowning? It must have just been the first part of the run.

I'm a wimp. After two hours, two girls passed me wearing long sleeve shirts. I had on a Gore-Tex suit with 3 long sleeve shirts; and wasn't sweating.

There is a man in black with a black felt hat walking a pit bull. When I come near, he stops and makes the dog sit at his side. Very nice, but he is sitting in the "good" part of the road, so I still look like a scairdy cat dancing around on muddy ruts.

Tall skinny guy, total running body, wearing a totally swell swag jacket from Fairbanks marathon. Shoot....liked it. I don't think my big trip to NCM will yield a cool jacket.

Snow and ice are gone so I could use the whole levy. It takes me 41 minutes to get all the way to the end. I did 2 and 3/4 laps. I wasn't sure I'd do a long run today; but was prepared with enough Gu and water just in case. I started out at Gu every 45 minutes, but at 2:11, I thought I was going to die. I took the hint and went to Gu every 30 minutes, and felt tons better. I used about twice as much water as I did a week ago too; much warmer. Started running faster after the Gu too. Why is it that some body parts can murmur at you for over 2 hours; but when you get to 2:45 and you ask them if they want to stop, they are quiet. And don't talk again til after the shower, then they want ice!

Coming back, I spent an hour working on my nutrition spread sheet; trying to get the diet adjusted to what the trainer says I should eat. Can't believe I'm following instructions!

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