Thursday, November 5, 2009


I got up this morning and felt my mind was completely dead. Inspired words were falling on my sleeping self. How do I wake up and have any enthusiasm for Jesus? I spoke with Jesus about this. And then I found myself waking up and entheusiastic. If I went to a denominational church and asked why I don't remember God, they would baptize me, tell me I was saved by Jesus, give me a bunch of rules and tell me that I'll go to heaven after I die. I don't want to wait until death to know God. If God is love, He would never be unavailable to His creatures. A Course in Miracles gives me a way to remember God. I accept.

Going to Germany is considered a perk here at work. To me, it is inconvenient. I don’t really care about going to Germany because the inner world is more spiritually interesting than sightseeing in the ego world. What I will be looking for is opportunities to participate in miracles.

Chapter 21.V of A Course in Miracles keeps pointing out: there is something more to your mind and consciousness than ego. Something has driven me to spirituality which is not ego. Ego would prefer I buy a TV, a couch, get the cable hooked up and park myself in front of the screen with a bag of chips, the more salt the better. Quotes from 21.V:

  • You must have set aside a place in which the Holy Spirit can abide, and where He is. He must have been there since the need for Him arose, and was fulfilled in the same instant. Such would your reason tell you, if you listened. Yet such is clearly not the ego's reasoning. Your reason's alien nature to the ego is proof you will not find the answer there. Yet if it must be so, it must exist. And if it exists for you, and has your freedom as the purpose given it, you must be free to find it.
  • Thus, there must be a part of you that knows His Will and shares it. It is not meaningful to ask if what must be is so. But it is meaningful to ask why you are unaware of what is so, for this must have an answer if the plan of God for your salvation is complete.
  • The part of mind where reason lies was dedicated, by your will in union with your Father's, to the undoing of insanity. Here was the Holy Spirit's purpose accepted and accomplished, both at once.
  • Faith and belief have shifted, and you have asked the question the ego will never ask. Does not your reason tell you now the question must have come from something that you do not know, but must belong to you? Faith and belief, upheld by reason, cannot fail to lead to changed perception. And in this change is room made way for vision.
I am sure that I am connecting to the part of mind my ego knows not. But, it is a different sort of consciousness; maybe the closest word I can use is intuitive. It not a perceiving judging sort of affair.
Why do people think they can race a marathon to the finish when the marathon distance is outside the scope of the training? Then to compound the problem, they skimp on the high octane fuel. The wall must be transcended by training beyond the wall. I yearn to finish the race which ends the ego's world. My spiritual training is enduring and ego rununciation is in the scope. High octane fuel for the mind and spirit are in the practice.

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