Wednesday, January 13, 2016


A funny thing happened to me today. It is so odd. Such a coincidence.

I came home from work and ate supper as usual. Right after I finished, ready to do my next usual activity, the work phone rings. Someone from work wanted to know if I could help them with a safety review.

As they asked me for help, I walked over to my back pack and found there was a computer in it. So I got online and helped the plant.

But wait a minute. a) I didn't plan to bring that computer home. In fact, I just forgot it was in my back pack. But, how could that happen? The back pack is obviously much heavier when that computer is in it. Yet, I carried it on my back for the half mile to the car and got it off the floor of the back seat to bring in the house without ever realizing it was in there.
b) This is the first time in years that the plant has called me at home. I don't usually bring the computer home on weeknights.
c) The one day I accidentally bring home a computer is the one day I actually need it.

Or any other explanation.

A Course in Miracles would call this a happy dream, and spend 10 pages explaining the metaphysics of it.

Outstanding careers are made of just such a charmed life. Things just work that way for successful people, or good metaphysicians.

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