Saturday, July 4, 2015

Multi-days - 4

What I am doing these few days is not training per se. Its just that I have no need to "train" objectively at the moment. I have 5 days of time and good health; so I want to push myself out to the edge of my mind and emotions. Miles and sun and time are taking me out past where I can normally go. It takes a few days of high volume to produce the level of tiredness the forces me to a different feeling than I can get even with one marathon.

Today I was back at it. I easily got up at 4:45 and did my spiritual musing. Then at 6:08, I got started in Brummerhop Park. After i got to 9 miles, I realized my legs had not desire to jog so I started walking. I wondered how those shoes would feel if I walked for 4 hours in them.

It was very hot today. My legs were on fire with heat rash during the last hour. At about 5h30min, my personality caved, my ego crashed. I almost teared up. Finally the inner pain and anger welled. You can't get to this place of vulnerability with one or two days of training. It seems to take a few days for me.

I ended up with 20.16 miles.

This evening, I did my trx for arms plus crunches. Then I decided on another 3.1 mile walk.

I don't know what I will do tomorrow. I think I'll have a recovery day. Do a few chores too.

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