Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vision Quest 2015

When I was young, I heard about Outward Bound, but no opportunity presented itself. Later, I heard of vision quests, but I wasn't a young native American boy; or didn't want to go on some New Age guru's program. Or maybe I was working but didn't have enough vacation to go someplace.

In 2015, that changes. I will be 56 when I go on my most difficult adventure. Completely outside the box. I'll spend 6 days on an expedition. I'm already signed up.

I can get in the best shape possible for me. I can do as much each day as time and course rules allow. I have to put on my mental. There will be pain, soul searching, despair, elation. But I look at it like this: I can so why not. I already have a week off with no pay approved.

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