Thursday, August 14, 2014


Many people write about the purpose of life. And they say that we are here for a reason. I can read these books and adopt one of the reasons for my life. But of myself, I can not invent or discern a reason for my life. It is purposeless. Even as I tried to be a Christian and adopt Jesus as my reason, I didn't really feel that in my soul.

But clearly, my life has topics. The main topic is spirituality. Running and eating and solitary home life have all morphed into that one thing. My life is designed to support the topic of the spirit.

I was sitting quietly this evening. I am taking a rest evening from working out. I live in a densely populated area but it is quiet in my house. Quite is good for contemplation.

What ever is beyond me has gifted me this week in surprising ways. Situations were magically resolved. My workouts have been going great. Yet I face another hot weekend where it won't be that easy to run outside. I still live in freaking Texas!

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