Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Really Never Stop

Yesterday was the last day of the 2012  3,100 mile Self Transcendence race. I was looking at the results. One guy finished the 3,100 on the last day. Another 4 guys kept going although didn't get to 3,100. They accompanied the final finisher, and I don't think he could have done it without them.

But what touches me? One guy, a 60 year old, had a goal to get to 2,700 miles. He did that on day 51. He came back day 52 and did another 41 miles. See, he didn't stop at his numerical goals. He knows that life goes on. Even if we cross a line one day, we keep walking the next; seemingly as if nothing ever happened.

But on the inside, we are different. As I type this, I realize it is true for me. It is mind expanding. On any one day, I didn't accomplish anything monumental. But I kept coming back everyday and soon, a mountain was climbed.

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