Sunday, August 26, 2012

Swell Sunday

I couldn't find my off button today!

I guess my latest innovation in heel comfort really worked good. Beside the usual tape job I've been using for a few weeks, I put a piece of Dr Scholl's lambs wool inside my sock on top of the place that always hurts like hell. But, it didn't hurt today. Despite the heat (32C/ 37C heat index) during the last 2 hours, I ran pickups (yup real running) along a couple of spots in the shade (26 of them to be exact). All in all, 19 miles and 4h46 (hit the 4 mph average which is much faster than I have been doing).

Today's run caps a 45 mile / 3 day jogging binge (plus a couple of hours of cross training). 13 hours in 3 days. So.....I think I'll be able to stay on my feet for 12 hours next Sunday at Flatlander's 12 hour race in St Louis. 50k gets me a silver medal. If I am the only little old lady, I win the Seniors age group ( haha). Only problem is that the remnants of Isaac might be drenching the St Louis area (hope not). Well, first priority is that Isaac does not come to Texas.

After my St Louis adventure, I have the rest of next week off. My real A race this year is Ultracentric (near Dallas in November).

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