Sunday, August 5, 2012

ACIM Breakthru Moments

I've had a fabulous training weekend. 56 miles over 4 days. Today, I finished up with 33 laps of the short loop in Meador Park. I was there because it has many trees for shade.

Each day, I study the Course in Miracles text. I usually make myself a short paragraph to memorize and take with me throughout the day. Each paragraph of A Course in Miracles presents the same idea over and over; but with different words so that maybe you'll get the idea.

Yesterday, I had a major breakthrough in understanding when in Chapter 13 it said, "The only miracle that ever was is God’s most holy Son..." (We are God's Son). That floored me since it takes much learning for an average American to understand that miracles are not related to winning money or being cured of cancer. Seeing God's Son in everyone is all that's needed to see everyone healed and living in peace.

Today, continuing reading in Chapter 13, I had another breakthrough: I decide what the world means. See, I've spent much time in prayer asking God what is the meaning of my life. "The world can give you only what you gave it, for being nothing but your own projection, it has no meaning apart from what you found in it...Guilt is always in your mind, which has condemned itself. Project it not..."

Right here is where I took power from my ego (defined by ACIM not Freud). There are other parts of Chapter 13 I incorporated into today. And so, my phrases for today became my declaration of freedom:

I have decided that the world means love.
And guilt is always totally insane.
I look within and see the light of love.
I accept Atonement for myself.

I did my jogging to this. Over and over.

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